General Guidelines for this Forum

UPDATED ON AUGUST 1, 2022 @ 7:20, CET (updates in bold)

This forum is set up to allow Free Speech, and therefore, these guidelines will be fairly general and built on common sense. They are not issued with an intention to create restrictions, censorship, or otherwise tamper with freewill. However, with freewill comes responsibility, and that is what will be emphasized in these guidelines. Most of them are essentially about showing respect for others and creating a pleasant and connecting community environment for us all.

  1. Use respectful language when posting and replying to others. Don’t make derogatory statements or use passive-aggressive statements. Respect each other’s viewpoints, and respect each other as sovereign souls, and don’t invalidate their reality. Of course, it is fine to express your own view when it contradicts someone else’s, but without invalidating that person for having a different view–remain civilized. Everybody has their own path to reaching the same destination in the end. Please keep this in mind at all times. No toxic behavior allowed. Such behavior will be addressed in its infancy. We want this to be a toxic-free environment.

  2. Don’t spam the forum with excessively long posts, or an excessive consecutive number of posts, unless absolutely necessary. Use your judgment on this and be mindful, please. Try to keep to the point and stay on topic as much as possible and choose a Category to post in that best relates to your subject. Granted that everybody is different, and some express themselves more excessively than others (nothing wrong with that), still try to keep the above in mind.

  3. Keep personal arguments and disagreement off the forum (also see rule #1). If “reactive arguments” are posted on the forum between two users, both parties will get a message from this administrator as a “heads-up,” and depending on the case, the argumenta posts might be deleted (also see #6 below for more information). This is a forum where we should connect with each other and not have personal arguments or throw tantrums. A part of our soul evolution is to be able to connect–not to disconnect. If someone has a problem with somebody else on the forum, please email me and be specific, preferably at, so I can keep all issues on file in one place. Protonmail is also encrypted and therefore secure. If you email me at wespenre2@gmail, it works too, but the former is preferred. You can also flag the post you consider abusive or violates any of these guidelines. The flagged post will land in my inbox. I will take a look at it, and if I agree with the flagging, the post will be deleted. If I disagree, the post will remain on the forum. Here is a link, telling you how to flag a post: .

  4. Always use common sense when posting and replying. Even if not mentioned in these guidelines, Staff (Admin) might still take action and contact the user if I/we see this being appropriate for any reason and discuss the issue if it violates “common sense” to the degree that it disrupts the forum.

  5. If trolling is detected, the user will be banned, and their IP address will also be listed as banned.

  6. If any of these above rules are broken by a member or a guest, the person will get a warning. If that warning is not heeded, there will be one month’s suspension from the forum, which means the person can still browse the forum and give “thumbs up” but cannot post. After that, if the person still does not change behavior, they will be banned from the forum altogether. We hope this does not need to happen. After all, we only need to use common sense, and we are all adults. Sometimes, a person can get banned without a second chance if the violation is considered severe enough.

These Guidelines might change at any time, so I suggest you come back to this post now and then and check for potential updates.

Thank you for your interest in the forum, and happy browsing!
Wes Penre, Administrator
January 21, 2022
Revised: August 1, 2022